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Current Store Guidelines

UPDATED 10/01/20

Since 1997 we have been fortunate to be able to serve Sacramento and the surrounding communities.  We are committed to serve you through these difficult times as well.  We all must adapt to keep our community safe and healthy.  

Here some guidelines and instructions on the current procedure of purchasing firearms and ammunition:

We are currently open to the public now with the exception Private Party Transfers which still require an appointment.  We will have lines outside all day as we have been very busy for the  past 7 months and we still have to limit the number of customers inside at a time.  While in line please remain 6ft apart from each other and note that we do not allow more than one person per station in the store unless for medical or translation purposes.   

Maintain and Limit in the Store

Once inside the store please follow the employees’ instructions on where to stand so we can maintain at least a 6ft distance between the customers.  Due to the restrictions on the number of customers allowed in the store at a time, we do not permit groups to enter together.  Instead they will be admitted as employees and stations become available.  Try to limit your time with employees.  We want to provide everyone with the best service possible within the current rules.  We ask that you do not handle any products other than those you have purchased or intend to purchase as we are trying to prevent contamination.  We are currently not allowing customers to handle firearms as contamination is still an issue.  

What does it take to purchase a firearm?

The basics of purchasing a firearm are fairly simple.  You must have the correct documents, which are listed below.  There is a 10 day waiting period for all firearms. The DOJ has issued a notice that they are behind with the background checks so be aware there will be a delay with the delivery of your firearm.  Background checks are currently processing at about 12 days.  We ask that you do not call us about your pending background as it ties up our already busy phone lines.  If there is a problem with your background check we will notify you. 

Have the proper documents with you.  

We will need the correct documents in order to complete your transactions.  We will need your California Driver’s License or Identification Card and Firearm Safety Card or Exemption.  With regards to the DL or ID, if in the top, right hand corner it states Federal Limits Apply (See Below), you must also bring a US Passport or Certified Birth Certificate.  If you were not born in the US, you can bring a Permanent Resident Card or your naturalization paperwork.  You will also need to bring a proof of residency by the time of pickup.  What qualifies as a proof of residency is determined by the type of firearm you purchase so we will explain what works at the time of sale.


How do I get the Firearm Safety Card?

You can get your Firearm Safety Card by taking the Firearm Safety Test at a firearm shop.  It consists of a 30 question test of multiple choice and true or false questions.  You can study for the test online by going to the California Department of Justice: Firearms Bureau and look for the Firearm Safety Test Study Guide.  We issue the test Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.  

How much does it cost?

The State of California charges $37.19 for their background checks or DROS.  The State requires the DROS be completed with every firearm purchase. The Firearm Safety Test is $25 and only needs to be renewed every 5 years if you would like to continue to purchase firearms.  Then there is the price of the firearm plus sales tax. 

How can I pick up a firearm I have purchased and have completed the background check on?

The typical waiting period for a firearm is 10 days including weekends and holidays.  Unfortunately DOJ is behind on completing the check because of the current situation.  It is currently at about 12 days.  We will note your pickup window on your invoice when you purchase the firearm that reflects this delay.  We ask that you do not call us about your pending background as it ties up our already busy phone lines.

How can I purchase ammunition?

In order to purchase ammunition in California you must submit and pass a background check done in the store.  There is a $1 check if you have purchased a handgun within the last 10 years or a long gun within the last 5 years approximately.  This type of check is fairly instantaneous and we can release the ammunition to you at the same time.  If you have not purchased a firearm in that time frame you must complete a $19 background check that could take a number of days to get a response.  With either type of check we will need your California Driver’s License or Identification Card.  If in the top right hand corner it states Federal Limits Apply, you must also bring a US Passport or Certified Birth Certificate.  If you were not born in the US, you can bring a Permanent Resident Card or your naturalization paperwork.

Can we do a PPT at your store?

Yes we have the capacity to do Private Party Transfers.  In order to schedule an appointment for a PPT we must receive an email or letter with copies of all of the necessary documents.  Both parties must have a valid CA driver’s license or identification card as described above in the “Have the proper documents with you” section.  The buyer must have a Firearm Safety Card or exemption as well as a valid proof of residency if required (Ex. Valid Vehicle Registration).  Once these are received we will contact you to schedule an appointment.  Both parties must arrive at the scheduled time but remain in their separate vehicles until we call.  We have a station established that allows us to complete the transaction while adhering our social distancing practices.  Please note that due to the high demand for appointments and limited space, transfer appointments are currently several weeks out.  



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