Tips for Safely Storing a Gun at Home

Tips for Safely Storing a Gun at Home

Guns are tools that can enhance home security or be used competitively and recreationally. For your household’s safety, it’s essential to store these weapons in safe and secure locations to avoid unintended harm. There are various ways you can keep a gun away from unauthorized users while ensuring easy accessibility in case of an emergency. Here are tips for safely storing your firearm at home.

Use Safes and Lock Boxes 

The safest method to store a gun at home is to secure it in a concealed gun safe or lockbox. A safe will ensure that only authorized persons have exclusive access to the weapon. Most safes are bulky and have complex locking mechanisms to enhance security. Depending on its size, you can place the safe under the bed, in the closet, or have it embedded in a concrete slab. The National Rifle Association (NRA) also advises gun holders to complement their rifle storage facilities with adequate safety precautions.

Teach Your Household Gun Safety Measures

Children and adolescents can be tempted to play with a gun either out of curiosity or a lack of awareness of the potential dangers. To ensure secure storage of a firearm in the home, the gun owner should explain to all members of the household that a firearm is present in the home and introduce them to gun safety measures. This includes describing how guns function and outlining the dangers of mishandling the weapon. When you have this conversation, be sure to ask whether everyone feels safe with the presence of a firearm in the house and provide clarification for any questions.

Use Trigger Locks to Store the Gun

Trigger locks are another way of preventing access to a firearm. Most authorized gun dealers and manufacturers provide various forms of trigger locks upon purchase of the gun. Cable trigger locks prevent the closure of the rifle’s action and loading of the magazine in semi-automatic guns. The cable twirls around the gun barrel to keep the cylinder open. A trigger shoe lock fastens down the gun’s trigger, making it immobile. A gun owner should make sure that they unload their weapon before installing the trigger lock.

Keep the Gun Unloaded

The NRA advises gun holders to keep their firearms unloaded unless the need to use it arises. If you live with children and young adults, you ought to observe this gun storage precaution for their safety. Storing a firearm unloaded can prevent injuries and accidental shootings if the gun lands in the wrong hands. It’s also wise to place the bullets in a separate compartment from the firearm.

When stored securely, a gun can safeguard a home against theft and intrusion while enhancing a sense of security among the household. At River City Gun Exchange, we offer a wide range of firearms, gun accessories, and ammunition to Sacramento residents. Our trained staff can answer gun-related questions and may offer suggestions to ensure a customer makes an informed buying decision. Contact us to purchase your new firearm or learn more about our available inventory.